APM Healthcare Developments Limited trade as, and are in these Terms & Conditions called, “APM Healthcare”.
These Terms & Conditions govern the use of the apmhealthcare.co.uk website and the
pharmacycontractsales.co.uk website (the “Website”).

APM Healthcare is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 (“DPA98”) and this Website complies with DPA98
and Regulations issued under it and with The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003
(as amended) (“the Regulations”).

The contents of this Website do not constitute professional advice and no warranties, whether express or implied,
are given in relation to its contents. Specifically, to the fullest extent permitted by law, we expressly disclaim all
representations and warranties of any kind arising in or in relation to this Website or the information posted on the

A person accessing this Website or any part of it (whether or not they are a registered User as defined below) by so
doing agrees and consents to APM Healthcare collecting and recording, in accordance with the privacy policy of APM
Healthcare (“the Privacy Policy”), personally identifying information concerning them and tracing by electronic
means and monitoring their use of this Website (including the use of permanent or session cookies, GIFS and other
facilities available to its electronic communications network of which this Website forms a part) in order to store
information, or gain access to information stored, in the terminal equipment of such person by which they access
this Website. The Privacy Policy can be accessed from our Home Page.

By completing the registration process and/or by accessing the APM Healthcare Pharmacy Contract Sales
Database on this Website (“the Database”) and on each occasion you access the Database you (“the User”) agree
and consent as follows:-

(1) To the following Conditions governing APM Healthcare’s Particulars:
All sales particulars accessed through the Website, including any delivered to you in response to your request made
through this Website, (“Particulars”) are subject to contract and all negotiations are entered into on this basis. The
Particulars are intended for business people familiar with commercial transactions. If you are not sure that you fit
this description you should take relevant independent advice before proceeding further. APM Healthcare for itself
and for the vendors or owners of the pharmacy contracts (“Clients”), give notice that:

(a) Particulars are prepared for the convenience and general guidance only of an intended purchaser and,
although they are believed to be correct, complete and current, no guarantee is given that they are correct,
complete and current and they do not obviate the need to make appropriate searches, enquiries and
inspections. They are made without responsibility on the part of APM Healthcare or the Clients. Any error,
omission or misdescription shall not arrest or annul the sale, or be grounds for rescission or on which
compensation may be claimed and neither do they constitute any part of an offer or a contract;

(b) None of the statements contained in these Particulars as to the pharmacy contracts are to be relied upon
as statements or representations of fact and any intending purchaser must satisfy himself, by inspection or
otherwise, as to the correctness of each of the statements contained in the Particulars;

(c) The Clients do not make or give, and neither APM Healthcare nor any person in their employment has
any authority to make or give, any representation or warranty whatever in relation to the pharmacy

(d) Because of the changing nature of business activity, no representation or warranty is given that the
Particulars on this Website are accurate complete or current. Liability for losses arising from any reliance on
information contained on the Website or in the Particulars or inability to use or access the materials in or to
or from this Website is disclaimed;

(e) Users of this Website are put on notice that APM Healthcare do not knowingly breach or provide access

for or otherwise aid potential infringers of third party copyrights.

(2) To APM Healthcare:-
(a) holding and processing, by computer or otherwise, information given as a result of the registration on
this Website (“Personal Data”); and

(b) permitting APM Healthcare, and such other disclosure sources as have been, and may from time to time
be, duly registered by APM Healthcare with the Information Commissioner under DPA98, to use the Personal
Data to bring to the User’s attention products and services that may be of interest to them and also to assist
in the efficient management of the services offered by APM Healthcare;

(c) acting in accordance with the Privacy Policy from time to time and contacting the User by e-mail in order
to deliver services requested by the User via the Website, using the e-mail address registered as part of the
Registration process.

If you do not agree to APM Healthcare acting in this way or do not wish Personal Data to be used for these purposes
you should NOT complete the Registration.

(3) Where as part of the Registration process a User has ticked the box to indicate that they agree to APM
Healthcare transmitting to them, or instigating the transmission to them, using the contact details that the User has
registered with this Website, unsolicited (but for this consent) communications for the purpose of direct marketing
by means of electronic mail (which expression is as defined in the Regulations and includes e-mail and SMS text
messaging), APM Healthcare may until such consent is revoked bring to the User’s attention APM Healthcare’s
products and services and other products and services of third parties that they believe may be of interest to the
User by such means of communication. The User is referred to the Privacy Policy as to his/her/their right to refuse
hereafter (free of charge) to the use of their contact details by APM Healthcare for such direct marketing purposes.

(4) That the information disclosed to you on the Database is not in the public domain and is to be kept confidential
by you and shall not without the prior consent of APM Healthcare be passed on in any form (whether electronic,
written or verbal) to any person, firm or company other than to the User’s direct employees who are permitted to
have such access by APM Healthcare (“Permitted Employees”), which direct employees thereby agree to, and
become bound by, the same obligations of confidentiality.

(5) APM Healthcare shall allocate to the User such ID Number(s) and/or other identifiers as it thinks fit by electronic
means and APM Healthcare may alter these from time to time and limit their use as it thinks fit. Any ID Number(s)
or identifier is issued for the use of a User and Permitted Employees only and is not further transferable, and shall be
kept strictly confidential. The User is responsible for all use of this Website using the User’s specific ID Number(s)
and identifiers by whomsoever they shall be used, and the User agrees to indemnify APM Healthcare against all use
of a ID Numbers(s) or identifier by any third party and the User accepts full responsibility for use or abuse thereof by
its Permitted Employees. The User agrees to notify APM Healthcare of any breach of security or unauthorised use
that the User becomes aware of and accepts that APM Healthcare are not liable for losses arising in consequence of
such breach or unauthorised use. The User remains fully liable for such losses and to indemnify APM Healthcare
therefrom at least until APM Healthcare have received in writing notification of such unauthorised use. To the extent
that there is any unauthorised use of your ID Number(s) and identifiers your Personal Data is not secure and APM
Healthcare ‘s obligation to keep your Personal Data and deal with it in accordance with DPA98 is qualified

(6) Without detracting from the generality of the foregoing, the User for him/her/self and on behalf of, and as agent
for, its Permitted Employees undertakes not to pass any details obtained by the User or them from the Database to
any other pharmacy sales agent, to the User’s personal advisers, or to any third parties without the express prior
consent of APM Healthcare.

(7) APM Healthcare reserves the right without notice (save any notice mentioned below or a notice expressly
required to be given under the current version from time to time of these Terms and Conditions) to:-

  • amend these Terms & Conditions at any time by posting on this Website amended provisions; and
  • alter the arrangements for access to the Database; and/or
  • change the content, presentation and/or facilities of the Database or of this Website; and/or
  • amend the terms required for registration; and/or
  • iscontinue the Website or the registered access thereto.

Any change to the current Terms & Conditions will take effect immediately after amended provisions are posted on
the Website and any other change aforesaid shall take effect on the date prescribed (at APM Healthcare’s discretion)
by any of the following:-

  • a notice posted on the Website; or
  • an amendment to the Terms and Conditions as aforesaid; or
  • by e-mail sent to a registered User.

(8) Where a registered User does not log on to use the Website as a registered User for a continuous period of, or
exceeding, six calendar months or such other period as APM Healthcare may determine at its entire discretion (being
hereafter called a “dormant period”) APM Healthcare will be entitled to assume that the User no longer requires to
use the Website and accordingly APM Healthcare’s house-keeping routines will issue a notification to the User of the
fact that archiving will automatically occur if no use is made within a further stated period (“the notification period”,
usually 21 days or as otherwise advised by APM Healthcare). If, during a notification period, the User logs on to the
registered part of the Website, then the archiving process will be stayed, but if a further dormant period occurs at
any time thereafter the process of archiving will recommence. However, if no occasion of further use of the
registered portion of the Website is made by the User during the notification period, then the former User’s
registration will automatically be archived. The registered status of the User will be automatically re-activated when
the User next logs in to the Website.

(9) APM Healthcare takes no responsibility for any third party contents which the User is able to access through this
Website, nor for any virus contracted as a result of visiting this Website or any other website.

(10) The material on this Website, the Database and all Particulars, documents and correspondence issued by APM
Healthcare are copyright and may not be copied, distributed, published, licensed or reproduced in any way without
the express written consent of APM Healthcare, who also reserve all intellectual property rights (including trade
marks, both registered and unregistered) attaching to their name and to their domain names.

(11) This Website is owned and controlled by APM Healthcare from its offices in the United Kingdom. Users of this
Website from other locations are responsible for compliance with local laws applicable to those locations. These
Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law without giving effect to any
principles of conflicts of law.

(12) The benefit of these Terms and Conditions may be enforced by APM Healthcare and by any other company in
the Group to which they shall apply. No third party, other than the User, shall be entitled to use the information on
this Website, or to claim any benefit hereunder, or has any right to use Particulars obtained from this Website.
(13) Use of this Website is strictly subject to the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of use from time to time.

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